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Many local jobs go unfulfilled on a regular basis. Employers have limited resources to reach the right workers. Current job boards make hiring a painful and time consuming process. A job posting on these sites can result in 100s of email and spam, making it difficult for both the employer and qualified workers to be matched. For job seekers, locating a job involves working with classified sites that have not evolved since the 1990s. It is daunting and a challenge to find a job that matches the candidate's experience and availability.

We started this company with a belief that the local job economy is too fragmented and inefficient for both the employer and workforce. Our mission is to be a platform that unlocks efficiencies and maximizes the potential of the workforce. We apply the latest technology (from machine learning to big data) to enable a more efficient hiring marketplace. Our team lends experiences from successful startups to develop new services for both the workforce and the employers that hire them.

Our advisors include entrepreneur alumni from Facebook, YC and Walmart.

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